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We are excited to present our team. 

We are a small team, a diverse mix of strategic, creative and visual talents. Our mission to create a collective desire to provide extraordinary logic, creative thinking and a belief that image sells. All of us a different experts in narrow fields as creative thinking, strategy, design, film production, photography and advertising, as well as development and realization of complex integrated visual solutions. Our Clients and their customers respond powerfully to our work because we create power visual communication why brands are loved and then create inspiring and hugely effective image. We have working together, intermingled so that we create a power Team of skills to benefit our clients, that we have a simple mission; to work together, to be fully operational, to make great work that works.


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Our Team
Denis Vorobiov
Denis Vorobiov

Co-Founder, DoP, Marketing analytics

Sergii Burkovsky

DoP, Light & Technical Setup

Oleg Maliavkin
Oleg Maliavkin

Co-Founder, Marketing development, Strategy

Rodion Usaev
Rodion Usaev

Head Designer, Coordinator